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When we started our child sponsorship program decades ago, we worked out of cramped, rented buildings. Then we made a leap of faith. In 2006, with the help of some extremely dedicated and generous donors, we built our first community center. Once it was finished, our work was just getting started. We hired local professionals to staff the community center and mentor our children and youth. Today, we have built and now operate 6 community centers in vulnerable neighborhoods in india and grown our program offerings, staff and volunteers to provide life-changing support to children and youth with the ultimate goal of helping them break free from poverty

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we can continue opening doors to a better future for thousands of children. Your donation is vital to ensuring our community centers are equipped and staffed to provide those we serve with the safety, care and resources they need to create a life beyond poverty. One gift can equal a lifetime of giving to communities in need. That's a return on investment you can believe in..


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