is a means of escaping poverty.

Every kid, according to Edify Foundation, has the right to an education.It is essential for a child's development into an independent, competent adult, and it increases his or her chances of escaping poverty.

Education allows children to discover their talents and empowers them to pursue a career, allowing them to eventually support themselves as adults.

Edify Foundation recognises the importance of schooling in the overall growth of society. The benefits of providing more children with access to education would eventually trickle down to the rest of the population. It ensures that more children will be able to survive without being exploited.

"Over 15 Years of Accomplishments

Counselling Programme

It is our constant effort to imbibe good social habits in children. so we arranged child counseling programme. we also arranged individual and group activities including problem solving ,story telling, games, meditation etc. under the counselor's surveillance.

The Education Programme for Underprivileged Children in Kolkata's Slums ensures that vulnerable children aged 6 to 18 who live in derelict and have access to basic educational opportunities.

A special focus is placed on special-needs children and children with learning difficulties. Inclusion in age-appropriate classes and additional educational support aim to improve the educational environment for all students.

Coaching Classes

We have given coaching classes for children who are admitted to govt.affiliated schools through our school centers. we make sure they are well equipped, both mentally and physically to continue education effectively.

Many of these children are first-generation learners, meaning they are the first in their family to ever attend school. Beyond educational support, the children also receive balanced nutrition, health check-ups and counselling, as well as the opportunity to play and interact with other children.

A special focus is also placed on the cultural development of the children.

The overall objectives of the Education Program are

  • Educating under privileged children aged between 3 and 5 years through early intervention.
  • Providing best support to the disadvantaged students from marginalized communities.
  • Organizing campaigns in communities with focus on need of education and right to education
  • Organizing awareness programs on various entitlements made available by the government and how to secure them.
  • Awareness generation on child protection, importance of nutrition.
  • Creating space and opportunities for children to explore their hobbies, interests and potential
Total Student Class Expense Month Total
90 Pre-primary INR 500 12 INR 6000
40 I to IV INR 850 12 INR 10200
40 V to VIII INR 1050 12 INR 12600
30 IX to XII INR 1200 12 INR 14400