Child Protection

Child protection

is about saving children's lives

The primary goal of the Edify Foundation is to protect children who live on the streets and in the slums of Kolkata. Child safety entails rescuing children from exploitation and cruelty, as well as starvation and illness, and allowing them to look forward to a better future. It's all about safeguarding society's most needy citizens and supplying them with urgent assistance.

Depending on the child's needs, they will be placed in one of our security homes, where they will be cared for and supported for as long as they need it. Our compassion knows no bounds. Edify Foundation children will have a family and love for the rest of their lives, not just before they turn 18. Other children we rescue can be reunited with their families while still providing Edify Foundation's community-based support.

Awareness Programme

During the period under review the organization has undertaken campaign against plastic pollution which is gradually emerging as a silent killer. Our humble effort is to build pressure on people to restrict use of plastic carry bags and build public opinion to urge Government . To take stern action against polluting industries. Our volunteers organized local people for community garbage. Cleaning programmed and persuaded people not to throw garbage here and there.

We have organized awareness campaign against child trafficking. Awareness campaign was organized like last year to spread awareness mal sides of early marriage of girl child before she attains 18 years age. Our volunteers are actively persuading parents not to marry off their girl child at so early ages. They also involving people to influence and master the social and political will in favor of improving status.

Awareness camp for rehabilitation of special children with different types of disabilities was organized

Children Protection.

Runaways, orphans, victims of child trafficking, children of sex workers, and at-risk street and slum children all profit directly from our Protection Homes.


Rs.50 Lakh

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What We Do

  • Yearly excursions.
  • Birthdays, festivals and other events are celebrated.
  • Life skills training and awareness on child rights.
  • Employment skills training and Job placement.
  • Family empowerment support such as livelihood, medical support for guardians and educational sponsorship for siblings.
  • Integration in Family.
  • 24 hour protection in a family environment with love and care.
  • Access to formal school education and guidance support.
  • Nutritious meals.
  • Health care.
  • Counseling support for both the children and Staff.
  • Recreational and cultural activities including dance, music, drawing/painting, violin, karate and swimming.
Total Student Class Expense Month Total
90 Pre-primary INR 500 12 INR 6000
40 I to IV INR 850 12 INR 10200
40 V to VIII INR 1050 12 INR 12600
30 IX to XII INR 1200 12 INR 14400