Health-care & Nutrition

Healthy children

grow into healthy adults.

Edify Foundation provides health services and practical health advice to vulnerable communities in Kolkata through our healthcare programmes. One of The Edify Foundation's top priorities is to improve the health of street-connected children and families living in Kolkata's slums, which is critical in the battle against poverty. Children who grow up to be successful adults lead healthier lives for themselves and their families.

Our mission at Edify Foundation is to provide ancillary services to supplement the government of West Bengal's existing health services. We've established good relationships with local non-governmental organizations over the last decade, and we've worked together to deliver services in five slum communities.

Moving Medical Ambulance

The Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance covers high-risk areas for four hours two nights a week, providing emergency medical care to destitute women and children in distress or hazardous conditions on the streets. .

Clients are taken to Edify Foundation's short-term Crisis Intervention Centres or Mother and Child Care Unit in critical situations, and appropriate agencies are contacted to arrange for their relocation to residential protection homes. If a child is discovered on the streets and needs to be rescued, Child Line is contacted.

Care for the homeless & ill

We have reaches out to Kolkata's neglected and destitute, offering improved care and treatment for homeless people with psychosocial conditions living on the city's streets. The project identifies patients who are homeless and suffering from mental health problems in 141 wards of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation. The organization seeks to return patients to their homes (where applicable) or provide accommodation, appropriate care, and treatment through a referral network.

On the streets of Kolkata, our Outreach Program has been described as a specific pathway of treatment involving the police, government hospitals, street vendors, and the community around the street where homeless mentally ill have built a place for themselves.

The overall objectives of the Healthcare & Nutrition.

  • Improved access of public utilities in 8 slum communities.
  • Regular cleaning in Chitpur & Narkeldanga area by representatives of municipal authorities.
  • 45% people of the 8 slums utilizing the proper way of public utility.
  • Worked towards providing access to foods, imparting the importance on breast feeding and provided access of doctors for disease identification and treatment of several thousands of people.