Skills and Vocational Training

Skills to Allow Self-Sufficiency

The Edify Foundation is dedicated to offering long-term solutions to poverty-related social issues. Self-improvement is essential to achieving this goal. We empower people by providing them with training, skills, and trades. The ability to seize influence and drastically alter their lives.

The Edify Foundation is committed to providing long-term solutions to social problems involving poverty.To achieve this aim, self-improvement is needed.People are empowered by the training, expertise, and trades we have.The desire to wield power and make significant changes in their lives.

Production Unit

The garment construction course has been completed by 5 members of the production team.They get orders for school uniforms, casual and formal clothing for women and men, and so on.

The unit makes an effort to maintain quality control and timeliness. Handcrafts, bags, cards for various occasions (birthdays, devotional moments, weddings, etc. ), sarees, jewellery boxes made of papers, diaries made of hand-made paper, and other items are produced and sold in the local market, providing income to the women and allowing them to support their families.

Women Empowerment

Through the creation of self-help groups and income-generating activities, this initiative aims to assist women who have been victims of discrimination and to empower underprivileged, economically weak, and insecure women physically, socially, emotionally, and legally.

As a result, in addition to providing livelihood opportunities, this project aims to promote a consistent savings habit among community members and provide integrated social safety nets.Along with income generation and the operationalization of the SHG model, approaches to capability development training and capacity building are critical.

Project Aims.

  • To provide underprivileged women with skills training that will enable them to earn an independent living and provide a long-term path out of poverty.
  • To assist teenage boys and girls from Kolkata's streets in receiving appropriate and rigorous training that will lead to a job with a fair wage.
  • To facilitate the provision of life-skills, vocational and technical training courses.
  • Offer supports services to enable students to take part in courses, such as child care, nutrition and educational sponsorship.
  • To boost one's self-esteem and realise one's full potential.
  • Via income-generating projects and the formation of self-help groups, create processes that allow women to contribute to the family's income.